Thursday, September 17, 2015

7 Things Hyrum Loves About Star Valley, WY

Fall is here, and Joseph has been back in school for awhile, but during our Summer break we made the most of all the days off. AKA we traveled west like a family of psychos and didn't come home until a month had passed. We kicked off the vacation with a trip to Star Valley, WY. Joseph loves it there. It's pretty much his Mecca, where he goes to find his center and get back to his roots. Like his father, Hyrum loved it too. That cute little farm boy could not believe his great luck: chickens to chase, horses to feed, and tractors to fulfill all his little boyhood fantasies. Here is a list of things Hyrum loves about Star Valley.  

Grandma. She spoiled him absolutely rotten. He learned a new word at her house, cookies. He started asking for them after we left Grandma's. The poor boy was disheartened to find that his own mother doesn't make cookies regularly. Grandma always had a kind word to say, and a snack to go with it.

Raspberries. Grandma's raspberry patch is like a little piece of heaven. The raspberries are thick and plentiful, but the true heavenly joy is the jam Grandma makes with the raspberries. I was trying to pick enough raspberries to make jam, but this cute little boy kept stealing and snitching. When we finally did pick enough berries to make jam it was mostly because of Joseph and Grandma.

Hyrum's face when the raspberries were gone

The free range chickens. Not only do they say "bock, boooock!" just like they should, but they're also really fun to chase. I was a little nervous for Hyrum until I saw that I should have been nervous for the chickens he was trying to catch. They were wise to run away. 

4-wheelers. I'm pretty sure by the end of the week, Hyrum was convinced that the 4-wheeler was his. He would wake up in the morning and point outside for his 4-wheeler. He would also get a little possessive when other people were riding it. He learned how to push the start button to turn it on, and he loved holding onto the handle bars. 

Horses. Hyrum started out a little hesitant, but he grew more confident each time we came to visit and feed them grass. Now he pretends to rip up our carpet and feed it to his toy horses and cows. He learned so much on the farm. 

Tractors. Hyrum wasn't actually allowed to ride on the tractor, because he kept on trying to steer, but he got to sit on them when they weren't moving, which was pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Playing in the creek. What's more fun than throwing rocks in the creek and coming back home sopping wet!?


  1. Love it! Especially that he pulls up the carpet! What fun! You can tell he enjoyed every minute.

  2. Love it! Especially that he pulls up the carpet! What fun! You can tell he enjoyed every minute.

  3. I love how happy you all look! You make a great farm family. I love Hyrum's love of raspberries and how happy he and Joseph look together.

  4. Beautifully written and organized with such expressive photos! Thank you! It made my day!